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  1. We recommend that people wear their life vests at all times. It is required by law that each person have a Type 3 life vest within reach. Children under 12 must wear a life vest while canoeing. All persons regardless of age are required by law to wear life vests while canoeing on the Colorado River below the confluence with the Green River.
  2. To avoid the loss of equipment we advise the use of tie down lines to secure your gear inside the canoe at all times while canoeing.
  3. A portable water vessel (bucket or pail) is required for bailing, settling river water or extinguishing campfires.
  4. The importance of securing your unattended boat cannot be stressed enough. When leaving a canoe unattended for any length of time, always tie it with bow and stern lines to a secure tree, rock or other anchor point. Check the security of all lines before going to bed. Where possible it is best to pull canoes completely out of the water, even when taking short walks away from the river.
  5. Do not canoe in high wind conditions. More parties capsize in high winds than in any other situation. If you are in a situation that leaves you no other options, then stay as near to the shoreline as possible. Otherwise, go ashore for safety.
  6. Due to the possibility of flash floods, exercise extreme caution when selecting a campsite in or near side canyons. Never camp or leave your canoe unattended in a canyon drainage no matter how calm the weather may be.
  7. When camped on a sand bar it is recommended that you place your camp away from the water's edge a minimum of 10 ft. Choose a sand bar that is 2 ft. or more above water level. Fluctuations in water level in the main river channel of more than 1 ft. in an overnight period are very rare.
  8. It is required that you have a detailed river map in your possession at launch time.
  9. In the event of a medical emergency or other such problem during your trip continue on to a pick-up point. Ground transportation is readily available at Ruby Ranch and Mineral Bottom. Jet boats are at the Confluence several days a week. Do not attempt to hike out for help. Seek out other canoers for help and communication of your emergency to outside resources. Cell phones do not work in this area.
  10. We suggest that all swimmers wear a floatation device. State law requires persons swimming from a boat to wear a life vest.
  11. Be aware of all water and sun hazards. Swim at your own risk. Never jump or dive into the river. Wear shoes at all times while swimming or bathing. Protect yourself from the sun with suitable clothing. Sun glasses, hats and sun screen are advised. The danger of abusing intoxicants is greatly increased in a wilderness setting.

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Tex’s Riverways is licensed by the State of Utah, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service to conduct river shuttles on the Colorado and Green rivers. This service is operated by Tex's Riverways, a Concessioner under contract with the U.S. Government and administered by the National Park Service. The Concessioner is responsible for conducting these operations in a satisfactory manner. The National Park Service approves all prices and services.

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